About NetCorp

Back in 1997, when the .com frontier was strong and the world was facing the ominous Y2K dilema, NetCorp was formed.

Our goal back then was to provide Small and Medium-sized business, as well as not-for-profit organizations in Southeast Florida with the highest quality solutions for their organization’s needs.

We specialized in the Microsoft BackOffice product line, including the then popular Small Business Server.

Along the way, as our clientele base and their needs grew, so did we.

Expanding into the Atlanta, GA market in 2003, we took on larger clients such as Harry Norman Realtors, the largest real estate broker in the metropolitan area.

By 2006, we had established numerous relationships with Fortune 500 corporations through Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, New York and South Florida, including multiple contractual retainers with ADP and their Dealer Services division (now known as CDK Global).

Today, NetCorp is a leader in Cloud Transformation solutions, migrating corporate workloads and creating new ones running in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) public clouds. We have technologists certified on both platforms.

Contact us today so we can share more and demonstrate how partnering with us for your business technology needs will benefit you and your organization.